DC Collectibles Artist Alley: Chris Uminga


During Wondercon 2018, DC Comics revealed their new collectible vinyl figurines line up: the Artist Alley Series. Each of the figurines were designed by artists plucked from the artist alley floor!

The artist alley at a convention is the heart of a comic convention. These artists bring over heavy portfolios and prints of their artwork for the public to peruse and purchase. Some artists are independent freelancers who have worked with companies and have become known for their signature styles. Many artists are unknown and hope that their art catches the eyes of a comic company. Regardless of where the artist stands, it is also the best way for fans to meet the ones who drew their beloved creations or even meet a new creator.

Chris Uminga was one of those artists. Influenced by street art and watercolor, he added his own signature style to characters.  Uminga is now one of the proud designers chosen to design vinyl figurines of the triad of the DC: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

This new take on the triad of DC characters is refreshing as the style from each of the designers were unique and beautiful.  They were so beautiful that it was hard to keep my attention focused on Uminga during the interview. I want the batman one was bad!

For those heading to San Diego Comic Con, the figurine will be released then. Until then, check out https://www.dccomics.com/Collectibles for information on how and when to nab your own figurine.


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