Obama and Biden Team Up as Detectives in ‘Hope Never Dies’


When Barack Obama and Joe Biden left the White House, the big joke on the internet was what they’d do next. Well, author Andrew Shaffer has given us a hilarious answer. In his new book Hope Never Dies,  Biden and Obama team up to become the ultimate detective team. When an Amtrak driver and long time friend of Biden’s ends up dead, Barack Obama shows up under cover of darkness to warn Joe that the dead man was carrying a map in his pocket. That map was of Joe Biden’s home. What follows is a mystery involving the opioid epidemic, motorcycle gangs, trains, an SUV, and a son of Delaware.

At first I was worried that Hope Never Dies was going to be a joke idea that died within the first few chapters. My worries were unfounded, because Andrew Shaffer’s book is an intriguing mystery where it just so happens the two detectives are former residents of the White House. There’s mystery, intrigue, and the aching joints of age. There’s also real danger, even with a Secret Service agent driving. Hope Never Dies doesn’t pull punches with the current political administration and does make sure Biden gets his ice cream cone.

Hope Never Dies is an enjoyable book and a fun read for the Summer. It is available July 10th from Quirk Books.


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