“Daisy McDare Three Book Set” Has an Interior Decorator Solve Mysteries


Daisy McDare Three Book Set Daisy McDare Three Book Set by K.M. Morgan contains the first three books in the Daisy McDare series. Daisy is an interior decorator lonely for love while still pining over a man who cheated on her and then left her for the other woman. Daisy has a serious sweet tooth that seems unhealthy, as she eats chocolate every time she gets under stress, so she must have the highest blood sugar level ever! In the midst of her decorating jobs, Daisy gets involved in murders and solves each one.

In Daisy McDare and the Deadly Art Affair, Daisy gets hired to do some redecoration by her childhood best friend, Kara, who is married to a famous painter, Luke Longwell. That night Daisy stays for dinner with Kara’s and Luke’s family and becomes a witness to a big family fight, so she hurries out as soon as she can. The next morning, she arrives at the house, only to be met by the police. Luke was murdered early in the morning, and everyone, even Daisy, is a suspect. In concern over being a prime suspect, Kara asks Daisy to help her find the murderer, leading the decorator to become a sleuth.

In Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair, Daisy goes to redecorate the office of the biggest shark lawyer in town and discovers that everyone who works for, or even encounters, Max Cash hates the man. When Max gets killed, the police arrest the night custodian, Angela Franklin, but Daisy is certain the woman is innocent. Therefore, Daisy determines to investigate things for herself and for Angela.

In Daisy McDare and the Deadly Directorial Affair, Daisy gets a position designing the set for a small scale movie production, directed by local Hunter Hayworth and bankrolled by a rich man, who is doing so on the condition that his daughter Fiona be given a role in the movie and his daughter Isabel be allowed to write the script. Hunter keeps trying to change things, making everyone furious at him, so it is no big surprise when he is murdered by being hit on the head with a frying pan, the same way the murder happens in the movie. Daisy doesn’t trust the lazy police detective, so she goes to work investigating.

The Daisy McDare books are light reading, with simple language and writing that would make this a good series for weaker and YA readers. The reading level would actually suit a middle grade reader, but the minor sexual implications of people having affairs might be inappropriate for such an age, depending upon the child.

The stories all involve the same basic premise: Daisy goes to redecorate a place, where she meets all the people who either live or work there. The most hateful character gets murdered, but the police don’t do a good job, so Daisy steps in and solves the case. Then, Daisy eats even more chocolate, which she has been doing throughout the book. Hopefully later books will have some variation, as the pattern will become too predictable if I have to listen to 7 more books that follow the same routine.

Caroline Shively performs the audio edition of this bundle of the first three Daisy McDare books. She employs plenty of emotion in her reading, well-suited to the younger age set that I picture this series as being especially suitable for.

The Daisy McDare Three Book Set has simple, gentle stories that use fairly basic language and follow the same basic pattern as each other. I see this set as ideal for more basic, perhaps younger readers. Because of the formulaic nature of the stories, I give this set three stars.

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free through Audiobook BOOM, but that had no influence on the content of my review.

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