Made Men: A Strangely More Graphic Take on the Frankenstein Tale


Jutte Shelley wasn’t born a Shelley. She changed her name from Frankenstein to help distance herself from a volatile family name with a dangerous history, but she still clings to some of the more interesting traditions. Her “health drink” has a strange side effect that leaves her the only one alive when her crew is gunned down by a group of poorly dressed assassins. Here’s the thing, she’s not just going to let her friends stay dead. Instead, she’s going to go into the family business and bring back her Made Men. What follows is a revenge mission with a group of pieced together friends and a heck of a lot of gun play.

The greatest advice I can provide to you about this comic is that if you are super sensitive to gore and gun violence, put the comic down and read something else. Made Men is all bad language, bad attitude, and corpses galore. Just when you think you’ve seen enough reanimated bodies, suddenly there is a guy with a lion head. Yeah, it’s that kind of comic.  Made Men wasn’t my thing. It’s the kind of comic I can see becoming a miniseries, provided there’s a bit more comedy added in. Paul Tobin, the writer, has an interesting concept that is intentionally absurd at times. This series feels like something fans of American Horror Story would dig in between seasons.

Made Men comes to stores July 11, 2018 from Oni Press.



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