Wonderful World of Tank Girl


 It’s no secret that I am a dyed in the wool Tank Girl fangirl. So this, The Wonderful World of Tank Girl, is just a pleasure for me to read and review.  You get 106 pages of madcap hilarity, curse words and oddly no nudity.  Among these pages there are four stories; Tank Girl Strikes Again, The Importance of Being Tank Girl, The Man From T.A.N.K G.I.R.L and Tank Girl Takes a Trip.

Each story is a send up of a well known story or pop culture reference, and each story has it’s own stamp of awesomeness. Tank Girl Strikes Again is an action movie mash up, complete with false memories and mt favorite reason to be a bad guy ever; to give someone a “drawn out, overly complicated, excruciatingly painful death” plus, Tank Girl is on a surfboard with a machine gun, so, how cool is that?

The Importance of Being Tank Girl is a seriously silly play where Tank Girl dresses in Victorian attire and pretends to marry Sub Girl dressed as a dandy. And then because how much sillier can it get, they end up in London at a old hospital turned estate that Sub Girl inherited.

The Man From T.A.N.K G.I.R.L is a straight up send up of The Man From U.N.C.L.E with an extra dose of Bond thrown in. Tank Girl gets to use a spy car to try and keep herself alive when a deranged fan makes her life miserable, just so they can be best friends.

And finally in Tank Girl Takes a Trip, Tank Girl and her gang are playing Hero’s of Olden Times, a blatant rip off of D’n’D. It’s all gone boring until a new expansion pack comes out and it brings the game to life. Tank Girl and her gang end up in a Wonderland/Oz type of world, complete with tea parties and craziness. This story is also broken up with a kids style picture book, The Lords of Hazelwood. It’s an adorable addition to an already full book.

So yeah, Wonderful World of Tank Girl is full of everything you would hope for in such a large collection. You also get Hunters of the Dirtland (the Hero’s of Olden Times expansion pack) paper dolls, and extra cover art and illustrations at the end of the book. And, lets not forget, the lovely old Penguin style covers before each story. All in all, any fan of Tank Girl would be privileged to have this collection.



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