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By Night from Eisner Award-nominated writer John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time) follows recent college graduates Jane, a chemist who would rather be a documentarian and her former best friend Heather, amateur urban explorer after they are reunited in their small hometown. During a night on the town, the two take a trip into an abandoned industrial building who’s owner mysteriously disappeared 25 years ago. What they find is another world.

Issue two of this twelve part series opens right where the cliffhanger of issue one left off. Our two heroines Heather and Jane have found themselves in another dimension. This issue chronicles their first exploration and the girls discover two other-dimensional beings; the Wolfman and a possible friend named Gardt. While the Wolfman looks in general how you would picture a wolfman, Gardt reminds me of Deadbob, a comedian you may have seen at your local Renaissance Festival. It’s the skeleton in his robe, though it hasn’t told any jokes, at least not yet.

I’m excited to see what the duo finds during their next exploration. So far, it’s a very Halloweenish type of a place, that’s for certain. There are a few panels showing some possible dwellings but we’re not given much else yet.

In this issue, we also learn some juicy background information on Heather and Jane. First, that Jane not only has an older brother but that Barney her co-worker is his friend and he got her the job at the lab! Second, that Heather did not finish her degree. Only a class short, she dropped out and only has $71,000 in student loan debt. I, along with many other readers I’m sure, can relate to her student loan debt woes.

By Night is not just relatable for anyone who’s been a recent grad at some time or other in their life, it’s extremely funny. 

“Well, ol’ boy, if they never come back, it’ll look like you murdered them in a weird sex game. Didn’t think that one through, did you?”

I’ll let you find out who says it.

The art of By Night is really dark, which is what you might expect for a comic called By Night. It’s full of dark colors and backgrounds. The panels that are set during daylight hours are a surprising contrast. The facial expressions in this issue are also a real treat.

I recommend giving By Night the time of day. It’s available now in both print and digital formats.


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