Ellie Kemper Joins the Comedy Memoir Game With ‘My Squirrel Days’


Ellie Kemper is bringing her sense of comedy to the written word. She is best known for her work in The Office and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Her typical role is that of a wide-eyed cheerful young woman with extreme innocence. While some of that is true in Ellie Kemper, her new book My Squirrel Days exhibits a more complete picture of the young actress, including the time she threw a fit at brunch when she thought her promised lentils were not in the dish she was about to eat. Sometimes awkward, but always hilarious, Kemper discussed her rejection from SNL, her work with the amazing Tina Fey, and a childhood that involved the squirrel population of her backyard ala Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist.

Kemper is occasionally laugh out loud funny when describing her life and acting roles, as well as her marriage and the initial awkward friendship that started their relationship.  She divides the book into sections, each detailing a role she’s played in life and acting. The funniest sections discuss her time being a bridesmaid while filming the comedy Bridesmaids, her completely hands off approach to her wedding, and the initial panic state of a first time mom.

My Squirrel Days is highly entertaining, and another great book following in the foots steps of actresses turned authors like Anna Kendrick and Kemper’s fellow Office alum Mindy Kaling.

My Squirrel Days is available October 9th.


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