‘Kid Scientists’ is a Great Book to Get Both Boys and Girls Into Science


What lead some of the most famous figures in science into their fields of study? In the new book from Quirkbooks, Kid Scientists, the childhoods of some of the biggest influences of the science world are explored in a kid-friendly way.

Kid Scientists is written by David Stabler, with each section gorgeously illustrated by Anoosha Syed. Sally Ride, Steven Hawking, and even Neil deGrasse Tyson are all treated with respect and interest. Keep an eye out for an incredible description of Katherine Johnson (recently portrayed recently in the film Hidden Figures) and Washington Carver. Kid Scientists is great introduction for kids and a fun refresher for adults. The descriptions and stories are fairly simple, but they are so much fun to read.

Kid Scientists is available October 9th from Quirk Books. I highly recommend it for any kids you want to share a love of science with.


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