A Strong Mystery in “The Plot Is Murder”


The Plot Is MurderIn The Plot Is Murder by V.M. Burns, Samantha Washington has quit her high school teaching job after being widowed six months. She has decided to follow her and her late husband’s dreams of owning a mystery bookstore and her own dream of writing her own mystery novel. After having moved into the loft of the bookstore, Sam hears a knock on the door, only to see Clayton Parker, the realtor who listed Sam’s new store, at the door. Since Clayton became antagonistic towards Sam’s buying the place after she signed the contract, Sam refuses to let him in. Then, the next morning, Sam finds Clayton murdered in her backyard.

Detective Brad Pitt seems to think Sam committed the murder, so a few days later, Sam’s Nana Jo moves in with her to help her get the store ready to open and, more importantly, to solve the murder. Nana Jo enlists the help of her kooky senior friends, all of whom have personal contacts who help gain information about Clayton. This leads to all sorts of crazy antics that add a lot of humor to the book.

Meanwhile, Sam uses her restless time to work on writing her own book, which we get to enjoy in stages. That book, set in 1938 England, takes place at the estate of a lord and centers around the lord’s two ward nieces, Penelope and Daphne, and the man who has been in love with Daphne his whole life, Victor. When the man Daphne has been seeing, Charles Parker, gets murdered, Victor tries to protect Daphne and falls under suspicion.

I had a wonderful time listening to The Plot Is Murder. The mystery has plenty of intrigue to it, and the book that Sam works on writing parallels the reality part of the book in a creative manner without replicating it. In fact, the book within a book held my attention so much that I looked forward to the points in the book when the internal book would occur. The main part of the book contains good viable choices in suspects. The plot drew me in strongly too. Further, the crazy old ladies made me laugh out loud so hard that I had a great time.

Kate Rudd narrates the audio edition of this book. She gives a strong performance in bringing this book to life. The voice Rudd gives to each character suits her or him cleverly and makes the book really enjoyable to listen to.

I really enjoyed The Plot Is Murder. The book was creative and kept my attention riveted through the course of the whole recording. V.M. Burns has just earned herself a new fan! I give this book five stars!

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