San Diego Comic Con 2018: Back to Final Space


It was just at Wondercon 2018 that we were introduced to the cast of Final Space, the scifi-animated show on TBS.  Now, a few months later, we get to re-visit the cast again at San Diego Comic Con 2018. This time, Season 1 has wrapped and Season 2 was just announced!

What is Final Space?  During Season 1 we were introduced to Gary (voiced buy Olan Rogers) whose face-palming antics to impress an officer named Quinn (voiced by Tika Sumpter) lands him a space prison for five years.  With only robots around him for company (including KVM, the Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, and H.U.E., the ships AI) Gary is more than ready to end his prison term and grab that elusive cookie. On the cusp of his final prison days, an absolutely adorable squishy alien thing named Mooncake floats right into his life. As adorable as Mooncake is, it also brought in legions of bad people intent on taking it back. For Mooncake is a powerful weapon; a planet killer.

The kooky moments and random jokes help soften the powerful impact of the heart of the story. By the end of the first season, the heart has been clenched so hard from the feels that every droplet of serum wrung from it can fill a bucket. For every silly moment, there is an amazing storyline involving love, bravery, self-sacrifice, and standing up for friends and family. The growth of the characters (except for KVN, he’s the worst) from the first episode to the last is an arc of self-realization and re-evaluating what one values. There were storylines that for the characters that showed the emotional influence of always reaching out to the family member that you will never see again or to recognize that it is okay to be vulnerable and accept someone in your life.

Final Space can be so funny but like a great sci-fi  story there were plenty of shoot-outs, suspense, and action. There were so many wonderful moments of holding your breath in anticipation right to the very last second of Season 1.

It was a definite surprise to find how much I absolutely loved Final Space and I am beyond thrilled to learn that there will be a second season. More Mooncake!

To watch the FINAL SPACE episodes, catch them here:

After watching the episodes (or not, if you don’t mind not really spoilers spoilers), check out the roundtable interview with:

  • Olan Rogers – Series Creator, Executive Producer and voice of “Tribore”, “Gary”, and “Mooncake”
  • Tika Sumpter – Voice of “Quinn”
  • Coty Galloway – Voice of “Avocato”
  • Tom Kenny – Voice of “HUE”
  • David Sacks – Executive Produce

FINAL SPACE Season 1 trailer:


San Diego Comic Con 2018 Interview with FINAL SPACE:






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