‘Trail of Terror’ is a Ghost Delight


Looking for a ghost tour in book form? Richard Estep, Paranormal author and investigator is releasing his next book October 8. The book is Trail of Terror and it focuses on a variety of ghosts, including the Denver Firehouse Museum, the Londong Underground, the Cripple Creek Jail and a variety of other locations in the United States and England.

Trail of Terror is a fantastic book for the reader just getting into the realm of ghosts and hauntings. Richard Estep discusses the techniques of his ghost hunts, some basic history, and the history behind the hauntings. The truth is, this book is a good ghost book but very much like most on the market so if you read a fair bit in the genre, you may find yourself feeling that many of these stories sound familiar. This book is a fun ghost delight for the Halloween Season.

Trail of Terror is available October 8, 2018 from Llewelyn.


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