‘The Gatsby Affair’ Explores The Story Behind ‘The Great Gatsby’


It’s no secret that Zelda Fitzgerald had an affair with a French airman named Edouard Jozan. It’s also no secret that F. Scott Fitzgerald used these experiences to influence The Great Gatsby and emotionally abused and plagiarized from his wife. Until recently, however, not much has been told from Zelda’s side of the story. Author Kendall Taylor has put together a well-researched exploration of the time period and what happened to breakdown two of the most famous people in the 1920s.

The Gatsby Affair is highly atmospheric and does an incredible job explaining the time period, how Zelda and Scott met, and the context of the affair. What the book does an excellent job of is not making Zelda a victim, but explaining why Scott wasn’t exactly the best person. The book doesn’t put all the blame on either party, which is an interesting take.

My warning about this book is for readers who are sensitive to reading about sexual assault. Kendall Taylor does some research into an incident that is believed to have happened to Zelda in her youth.

The Gatsby Affair is available now from Rowman and Littlefield.



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