“THE FOG” Creeps Back into Theatres for Halloween


As we all know, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter are bring Halloween your way again this year. But wouldn’t it be better to make it a double feature? Rialto Pictures must think so. The New York based company is bringing the 1980 classic, The Fog back to theaters in its first beautiful, 4K restoration thanks to StudioCanal.

Limited runs will begin October 26th at the Metrograph in New York, Landmark’s Nuart theatre in Los Angeles and The Music Box Theatre in Chicago. Don’t worry you won’t get your Curtis/Carpenter fix, though, because additional screenings will occur the week of Halloween at all Alamo Drafthouses and participating local theaters.

A little about The Fog: The small town of Antonio Bay is plagued by an ancient curse in the shape of a malevolent fog. This was John Carpenter’s first film post-Halloween, and once again starred Jamie Lee Curtis alongside her real-life mother, Janet Leigh. Rounding out the cast was Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook and Tom Atkins. The film was also remade in 2005, starring Tom Welling, Selma Blair and Maggie Grace, to much less critical acclaim.

This film is considered the Carpenter’s first steps into his more chilling and Lovecraftian ventures such as The Thing, and Prince of Darkness. It has somehow always become one of his lesser-known gems. This may be due to the fact its prints have long been considered faded and unplayable. “The Fog has been our most requested title for as long as we have handled the StudioCanal library here,” says the Rialto’s director of sales, Eric Di Bernardo. “It is Carpenter’s most visually alluring film and we think it’s been worth the wait.”

Links To Watch For Tickets:


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