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Sometimes a love of something can lead to your own business. Melissa of Literary Book Gifts saw a need in her life and created her own fantastic company based on one of her great loves; literature. She sat down with Fangirl Nation to discuss her business and her favorite books. Check the bottom for a special promo code for 20% off at Literary Book Gifts.

Fangirl Nation: What lead you to create Literary Book Gifts?

Melissa: I have always had trouble finding clothing I liked, and when I did it was always in the wrong fabric, color, or out of my size. Whether it was online or in store, I never seemed to be able to find shirts or bags that meshed will with my style.

After many years of wearing blank t-shirts I decided to solve this problem for myself. I love graphic t’s and the individuality of expression that even the simplist of designs can express. I took my longtime love of classic literature and put together a few designs. This was the beginning of Literary Book Gifts.

Fangirl Nation: What all do you offer with Literary Book Gifts?

Melissa: Essentially, I offer shirts and bags. I offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors so that every book lover can get exactly what they are looking for. Women’s t-shirts range from sizes XS to 3XL and men’s t-shirts range from sizes S to 5XL. Tote bags come in three sizes so everyone has the chance to select the size that best suits them.

Fangirl Nation: Do you ever go to conventions?

Melissa: I have never been to a book related convention before, maybe now would be a great time to start!

Fangirl Nation: Do you have a favorite classic work of literature? Do you have a favorite modern book?

Melissa: One of my all time favorite pieces of classic literature is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Its themes and imagery are so powerful. It is truly the perfect novel to read over and over again.

As for contemporary literature I am a huge fan of Donna Tartt. The Secret History was a fascinating and exciting read. Also by Tartt, The Goldfinch was such a different novel in every way but it was also an amazing read.


Fangirl Nation:  Donna Tartt’s work is definitely fun to read. If you could be any character in literature who would it be?

Melissa: I would love to be Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. What a fun and fascinating experience it would be to go down the rabbit hole and have all the fun experiences she had. I have a great appreciation for books, especially in the fantasy genre, so I think that if I could choose, I would be Alice.


You can visit Melissa’s website at

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