Sailor Moon Super S- Viz Media /Fathom Events


Fighting evil by moonlight….

Winning love by daylight..

She is the one named…..

By now, audience members who visited the theaters for the Sailor Moon movie events can sing  the words by heart or hum along to the original version. Thanks to the collaboration of Viz Media and Fathom events, audiences were able to cheer on as Sailor Moon and the guardians fought against evil. Screenings of the three mega movies from the Sailor Moon universe were presented:

  1. Sailor Moon R
  2. Sailor Moon S
  3. Sailor Moon Super S.

Fangirl Nation was invited to catch Sailor Moon Super S: the Movie  along with the theater short, Ami’s First Love. 

The Sailor Moon Experience

Watching Sailor Moon R and  Sailor Moon S on the screen re-ignited old memories of watching the movies on VHS tapes with siblings. Both movies dealt with unrequited love and letting love be free to blossom.  The stories were familiar but had a fresh new meaning watching as an adult. Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie was a new experience as I did not even realize there was a such movie, so this screening was seen with completely fresh eyes.

Ami’s First Love was a side story centered around Ami Mizuno (aka Sailor Mercury). In the short, Ami is convinced that an unknown character is out to get her out of spite or love. For despite scoring the highest score for each mock test, the unknown person is also scoring the highest number, irking Ami to no end. Her rigorous energy at studying and daydreaming attract the attention of a nearby evil creature hell bent on siphoning off Ami’s energy.

I could have done without this short. It was so unlike the Ami/Sailor Mercury that I know.  She is smart, quiet, kind, and studious. Opposite qualities that I embodied as a youth.  Instead, she is shown as stubborn, self-centered and obsessed with being number one. The Ami that I great up with would have been open to helping others and not jump into baseless conclusions. There were a few entertaining moments but I am grateful that it was a short.

The need for energy continues on during Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie.  Children are lulled away pied piper style into flying boats . News of the increasing disappearance of children has reached the scout. Not even Chibi Moon was safe from the music.

Running at about 1 hour and 35 minutes, this movie felt incredibly short and not like a movie at all. More like a lightly elongated episode. What does make this movie so “Super” were the addition of the Sailor Scouts of the Outer Planets: Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto (always a planet in my heart).

Whereas Sailor Moon R  and Sailor Moon S handled unrequited love,Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie dealt with the bravery of dealing with your love for another person. Whether it’s a crush or from the love of the mother, love will be protected.

Overall, it wasn’t a memorable movie but I am definitely glad I caught it in theaters. Watching the movies with fans made for a wonderful experience.


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