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To Ears With Love is a weekly column about our favorite podcast. Ever listen to a podcast, find it entrancing, only to binge listen to the whole thing and be left with nothing but silence or a Spotify playlist? FangirlNation is here to help with some suggestions.

This week, we are loving the podcast Gossip, written and directed by comedian Allison Raskin.

In Golden Acres, not everything is what it seems. Sure a lot of it sounds like gossip, but what if there really is something going on with the new head priest of the local Catholic school? What if the neighbors are branching out into sexual escapades and another neighbor is demanding her kidney donation back after discovering her husband voted for Trump?  It’s difficult not to find yourself wrapped up in the 12 episodes of the first season of this show.  The show follows three unlikely friends as they meet weekly for coffee. Bethany is the innocent mother of one who works for a local Catholic school and seems to have never done a bad thing in her life. Valerie is the long married woman searching for a little in excitement in her life. Mia is a single young woman freshly out of college with a job as a nanny. What brings them together? Coffee and Gossip. Keep

Each episode is introduced by Rockin’ Robin of Golden Acres, a DJ for the local radio station that regularly plays in the local coffee shop. She also provides some pretty off the wall commentary about local events and horrible phrases her mother once taught her. The show then goes into the weekly meet up of our protagonists as they discuss their lives, and the intimate details of pretty much everyone in town. However, these secrets aren’t just the regular affairs and dirty little secrets; their secrets often involve accidental political intrigue, cults, and a possible killer priest.  Gossip is a bit like if Desperate Housewives crossed over into an Investigation Discovery show and then ended up on  Real Housewives of wherever. I should also point out that this is not a kid friendly show.

Gossip is one of my guilty pleasures, though I’ve now binged all 12 episodes. However, it seems like this one is primed for a second season.

You can find Gossip on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.


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