To Ears With Love: ‘Limetown’


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Limetown is by no means a new podcast. It had been floating around since 2015, but with a second season promised soon and a prequel book coming out, I feel like it needs to have some serious love again.

Ten years ago, an entire town of men, women, and children disappeared overnight from a community in Tenesse nicknamed Limetown. With no word of where these people went and a government investigation that revealed nothing, just a single garbled 911 phone call is all that remains from that night. Investigator Lia Haddock has a personal connection; her uncle was one of the people who disappeared.  She decides to investigate what happened to her uncle and the others in a seven part series.

Limetown is deeply atmospheric and perpetually leaves the listener guessing and wondering what will happen. Her interviews with those who were connected to the town has the feeling of a reporter deep undercover, but leaves you wondering if the answers are found in science or the paranormal. I promise you that you will never be able to hear the song “The Tennessee Waltz” without shuddering.

Limetown season one ends on a cliffhanger, and we listeners have been pulling our hair out wanting to know what happened for some time now. The production company, Two Up promised last year that season two is coming. The prequel novel is currently available for preorder. 

Limetown is available on all major Podcast platforms and is worth a binge.


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