A Hospital Chaplain in “A Murder in Mount Moriah”


A Murder in Mount MoriahIn A Murder in Mount Moriah by Mindy Quigley, Lindsay Harding, chaplain at the local hospital, goes to a Civil War reenactment in Mount Moriah, NC with her best friend, the chief chaplain at the hospital, Rob. While there, they see an ambulance rush to the field. Vernon Young, an African American reenactor posing as the freed slave- turned-Confederate soldier Samuel Wilcox, has been shot. While comforting Kimberly Young and helping to plan the funeral service, Lindsay talks to an old friend from high school, Warren Satterwite, the local cop dealing with the case. She then learns that a few days before being shot, Sam went to the police with a racist letter demanding that he avoid the reenactment. Vernon’s marriage to a white woman further adds fuel to the threats.

While performing her chaplain duties, Lindsay does her best to help Warren in his investigation, particularly in helping him to research the journals of Samuel Wilcox to figure out what Vernon discovered there before getting murdered. A succession of criminal events takes place, embroiling Lindsay in the case even more deeply.

I thought that A Murder in Mount Moriah had a lot of creativity in its plot, characters, and setting. Using a hospital chaplain as the main character was a unique touch. Lindsay comes across as a very real individual, someone who tries to trust in God and do her best to show his love to the hurting without preaching.

Holly Adams performs the audio edition of this book. With a gentle voice, Adams uses unique expressions and timing to heighten the tension even with her soft voice. She then adds even greater depth with added strength and makes a creative performance that suits this book in particular.

A Murder in Mount Moriah was a fascinating book that I appreciated a lot. The attitude of Lindsay is described well in the following quote that resonated with me: “Church can’t save us from bad things, but God can be there when bad things happen.” I give this five stars.

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