Mata Hari #5


 Finally! It’s been a long time coming, but Mata Hari #5, the final issue in this short run, is out!

This final issue is the end we all know is coming. Her story is not unknown, but here in this illustrated version, we get a different side. A more human side.  We learn through flashbacks about the timeline that lead her to her death. Her dancing, her spying, her love affairs and all of it is interwoven with her only desire. To see her daughter again.

I really enjoyed this short series of comics. It was an interesting way to learn more about a real character form history. I’m sure that the entirety of these 5 issues are not the whole full truth, but it still lent a bit of more context to a small part of the history I learned back in high school.  History is never black and white, and the ambiguity of her life is fully showcased here. Mata Hari was not a truly bad person. She did what she felt she had to, was used and was lied to, then because of the time and because she was a woman she was put to death.

In the end her life is a depressing tale. She could have been happy, she could have lived a long life with her daughter, the one true love of her life. It’s a showcase of how terrible things can go, how a series of bad decisions can ruin one person.  This was a well researched and a well thought out series, and I enjoyed it immensely (thought it did get a bit slow in the middle).


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