Review: Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons #1


It took while to construct a good introduction to properly convey the amount of professionalism and excitement I had for this comic book. The best I could do was to produce the following statements:

Statement #1: There is a Rick Morty special that is themed around Dungeons and Dragons.

Statement #2: This mini-series is written by Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub.

Three triple combo of a one of a very infuential animation series, a very popular game and Patrick Rothfuss was more than enough to bait me to pick up this comic. Normally, comic book adaptations of a television or animated series have not been impressive and would be disregarded. Thing is, this is PATRICK ROTHFUSS!  Author of  the Kingkiller Chronicles, one of my absolute unfinished fantasy series. Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons #1 was a must-read to hold me over until I (im)patiently wait for the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicles.

It must be also be stated that I am an absolute Dungeons and Dragons noob. The Dungeons and Dragons game  has always enticed but the lack of a consistent commitment was a considerable road blockl to meet with friends to create epic battles within this historical game.

With that, Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons #1,  did not quite continue the excitement as I had hoped for.  In a Rick and Morty pattern, Rick overcompensates for Morty’s social skill with some crazy off-orbit tactic. Within this world is a every RPG players dream where RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons is not only acceptable but popular and necessary to hang out with the cool kids and for dating. In this way, Morty connects something that is true in both fiction an reality: girls love to game.

He heads to a game store to learn as much as he could. There he stammers and stumbles his way through a conversation with a female game stoe clerk which results in an invitation to join in a  campaign. Panicked, Morty reaches out to Rick for advice. To the the surprise of no one, especially those who are familiar with the series, Rick instantly creates an elaborate plan to teach Morty the game basics. Turns out, Rick is a big Dungeons and Dragons player.

I instantly connected with Morty’s confusion with the game. Although I noticed some references such as the Critical Role show, most just  references did not connect. Ricks enthusiasm really reminded of hardcore players that will drown you with everything about the game.  His obnoxious no-it-all attitude to train Morty almost turns off from continuing to learn about the game. As we can tell by the end of the issue, there is something more about to happen.

Other than the tease of what is to come, I couldn’t really tell the traces of Patrick Rothfuss or Jim Zub.  Although it is just the first issue and not much has been revealed, it does establish that is indeed a Rick and Morty story. The writing absolutely felt like a Rick and Morty episode on paper. It was engrossing,strange, with undertones of doom.

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons #1  is out now at your local comic book retailer.



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