To Ears With Love: ‘And That’s Why We Drink’ aka ATWWD


To Ears With Love is a weekly column about our favorite podcasts. Ever listen to a podcast, find it entrancing, only to binge listen to the whole thing and be left with nothing but silence or a Spotify playlist? FangirlNation is here to help with some suggestions.

Ever get so wrapped up in a podcast you feel like the hosts are your friends? Em Schultz and Christine Schiefer have made a podcast that feels like that with And That’s Why We Drink. Each week Em discusses a ghost or paranormal story and Christine goes into a tale of true crime.  Of course, before they get into the stories themselves they recount their week, talk about the cute animals that hang out in the studio (baby Gio and Juniper!) and talk to their production assistant Eva.  The title of the podcast comes from the fact that neither of their topics are super easy to deal with, and that boxed wine often comes into play

At this point there are so many inside jokes for this podcast that it’s hard to go through them all. As an advertiser for Hello Fresh, they developed a call and response of “Hello” followed immediately by “Fresh.”  Honestly, the inside jokes have lead to multiple drinking games at their lives shows and private group on Facebook are filled with them.  For folks who don’t drink, Team Milkshake is what you are called if you don’t drink, and Team Wine is if you do.

And That’s Why We Drink always has a hilarious title and is updated every Sunday. Once a month they read true crime stories and ghost stories provided by listeners. If you’re a fan of My Favorite Murder, love folks who understand mental illness, or want to listen to a group of folks that end up feeling like a good friend, I recommend And That’s Why We Drink.

And That’s Why We Drink is available on all major podcast platforms.


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