I Hate Fairyland Volume 4


When life becomes stressful and it feels like everything is out of control, these are the times I take a breather and ask myself: how (or what) would Getrude Fluffing destroy at this moment?


Gertruse is the green colored ringlet 30-year-old-stuck-in-a-child’s body maniac main character of Skottie Youngs, “I Hate Fairyland.” Gertrude is sucked away from her childhood and dropped into a magical places called Fairyland where she must find the key to go home. With her trusty cigar smoking fly sidekick, she sets off through the colorful landscape of puns and childish delights. As time goes on, the key is not found and she has not grown any older. Beyond fed up of silly side quests and riddles, Gertrude brandishes every weapon in her arsenal and blows holes in every candy coated creature that gets in her way.

Four volumes later, Gertrude has died and has now become the devil’s entertainment. Manipulating a loophole in the system, the Fairyland council ensures her untimely demise and rejoices. They continue moving on. Yet not every Fairyland citizen is content to let everything continue the way it has.  Gertrude’s loss has created  a massive power vacuum and someone made a deal with the devil to fill that void. What comes out of the deal is far worse than anyone expected and they are forced to call their worst enemy back to defend them.

I Hate Fairyland was released in October 2015.  Three years since my first review,  there are now four beautifully packaged volumes of the collected issues of this whimsical madness of a comic book series.  The body count has been so high that rivulets of blood permeate the bright background of sugar and dreams.  It’s really hard to believe that this series is ending. I refuse to acknowledge that this series is ending.

On the tentative assumption that this will be the last of Fairyland, it is not a very satisfactory send off.  There was too much of that factored ending reminiscent of a happy 90’s send up or Dallas ending. It also seemed way too easy for Gertrude to win and come back home. Through the past issues, the hurdles she had to go through were insane and the methods of taking it down were beyond insane. There was also this overall feeling of imbalance. Th first part of the volume added a reason to Gertrude’s violence; how it was not just being violent out of frustration but  also anger that she was never given a choice in her life from the beginning. She did not ask to be taken into this world and she did not ask to stay. All she wanted to do was go home. With that honest revelation, the bloodshed that she wrought upon that world did not seem enough.


I will truly missing seeing more of the zany and violent actions that Gertrude will inflict upon these citizens. Maybe, crossing fingers, this won’t be last. Possibly there is a another mythical land that she will be forced to? Or maybe she will make it her life mission to protect future children from falling these lands? This seriously cannot be the end!

Everything must come to an end, regardless of how much we will miss the character. At least there are now four volumes readily available when I feel that need to go back to Fairyland.

I Hate Fairyland Volume Four  is out now!



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