To Ears With Love: ‘You Must Remember This’


To Ears With Love is a weekly column about our favorite podcasts. Ever listen to a podcast, find it entrancing, only to binge listen to the whole thing and be left with nothing but silence or a Spotify playlist? FangirlNation is here to help with some suggestions.

This week’s selection hearkens back to the days of old Hollywood. As a California girl at heart, it was easy to fall for You Must Remember This. Authored and hosted by Karina Longworth, the podcast is a blend of history and the black and white film era. She picks a theme, creates a season, and runs with it. My personal favorite season was when she focused on Boris Karloff and Bela Lugossi, which is perfect for the Halloween. She’s also done podcasts on famous blondes and Hollywood Babylon. Each episode is well researched, beautifully performed, and comes complete with a website full of information and pictures to help flesh out your interest.

You Must Remember This will get As Time Goes By stuck in  your head every week. It will be that podcast that you reach for on your way to work, or when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night. I highly recommend this for folks who love old Hollywood, suspense, and the drama of eras gone by (which we usually just refer to as History).

You Must Remember This is on all major podcast streaming platforms.

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