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To Ears With Love is a weekly column about our favorite podcasts. Ever listen to a podcast, find it entrancing, only to binge listen to the whole thing and be left with nothing but silence or a Spotify playlist? FangirlNation is here to help with some suggestions.

Most of the podcasts I listen to tend to be on the heavier subject side. With a ton of podcasts on ghosts, murders and cults, my husband deeply appreciates when I take the time to find something funny or entertaining. Enter the podcast Everything Is Alive. This series interviews comedians standing in as the role of an inanimate object and then making that object come to life. Ever wonder what a bar of soap feels when it is down to it’s final sliver? Does your pillow like the other pillows on the bed or resent them? What would an elevator say to you if it could? These questions are answered along with some hilarious research into the world of every day objects.

My personal favorite episode is Tara, the bar of soap. Be advised this episode does involve some harsh language, but it is laugh out loud funny. I was listening to this series on an airplane and had to keep my laughter to myself. The series makes you truly think about the items we use everyday. Think of the film The Brave Little Toaster meets Comedy Central and you’ll get a good idea.

The first season of Everything Is Alive is available from all major podcast streaming services.

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