Johnny Gruesome Goes Back-To-Ghoul


Uncork’d Entertainment brings you Johnny Gruesome, the new film based on the IPPY Gold Medal Award-Winning book. The film stars Anthony De La Torre plays the lead role of Johnny Grissom, a punk rock outcast who after a fatal accident comes back from the dead to exact his revenge. The film is written and directed by author Greg Lamberton and also stars Byron Brown II, Aprilann, Michael DeLorenzo, Chris Modrzynski and Kim Piazza.

This movie is a great teen horror film. It jumps directly into the action, keeping a crisp pace for the 90-minute duration, and does so with the loner Johnny beating the crap out of some mouthy jocks. That does fill my heart with vindication. What falls is a pretty “I Know What You Did Last Summer” plot, complete with car accident and joyously bloody deaths. At the heart of it all, though, is a tale of best friends and how although you may love someone like family, they won’t stay the same forever.

All in all it is a cleverly funny and delightfully gory trip. Committing to the cheese and target teen audience is a cast of talent well-fit to their roles. The performances may have an issue towing the line of over or under-acting, but the genre is able to accommodate for such matters. What is left is a bit of bubble gum and blood, with over-the-top characters that are chock full of heart. De La Torre’s Johnny comes off as less than sympathetic at times, stumbling a little into the realm of whiny, but given his situation it’s hard to blame him for being so angsty.

Johnny Gruesome is also hitting the video on demand market at a perfect time, with back-to-school blues and homework assignments piling on top of one another. With all hallow’s eve looming, it’s the perfect Friday night get together movie to relax with as you decompress from that long week of classes and want to get in the Halloween spirit.

Johnny Gruesome hits VOD on October 16th, and you can pick up your copy on DVD January 1st, 2019.


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