‘Born to Be Posthumous’ is a Delightful Look at The Eccentric Edward Gorey


Edward Gorey was an author and illustrator of eerie works such as The Ghastlycrumb Tinies and The Doubtful Guest. His unique style of art was used in the New Yorker and even as the beginning tiles to Masterpiece Theater Mystery!.  The man behind the art and story was often seen in his raccoon coat, tennis shoes, and watching the New York City ballet.

Author Mark Dery makes a man who was notorious for keeping his different social circles apart into an accessible figure in his new book Born to Be Posthumous. The book goes through his awkward childhood, time at Harvard, and through his various works and career. It also highlights his possible homosexuality and the fact he saw himself more as an asexual.  As someone who has always enjoyed the works of Edward Gorey is was interesting to see where some of the ideas came from and how some books were meant to be nonsense.

Born to Be Posthumous is great fun to read and fascinating. It is available from Little Brown and Company on November 6th.


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