Welcome back, Doctor!


As a dyed in the wool whovian, I am beyond pleased that the Doctor is back. And before I go on with my review of the global simulcast that aired yesterday, let me give you a few truths.

*I came late to Doctor Who, but became obsessed quickly. I ran through all of Nine, Ten and most of Eleven in time to see him turn into Twelve.  (I’ve since gone back and watched a good deal of the originals as well)

*I love Twelve and Ten almost equally with Nine being a very close second. I was never a fan of Eleven.

*Unlike a lot of female fans, I was not immediately excited with the news of a female doctor. NOT because I don’t think it’s time (in honesty, I don’t really care) but because the only thing I know Jodie Whittaker from is Broadchurch and I didn’t like her in that.

All that being said, I still sat with bated breath at the beginning of the episode because The Doctor is back and I love The Doctor. And I gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed. I may need a few more episodes to really warm up to her, but the character? Yeah, I’m here for that. The emotion? Here for that as well. The humor? Definitely here for that. I really, really don’t want to hand out spoilers, because I hate spoilers, but I can say that there was a lot about this first episode that I really did enjoy.

I enjoyed the snark of Thirteen, eerily reminiscent of Nine and Ten. I loved the ingenuity that reminded me so much of Twelve.  And Grace. I loved her. My husband and I spent most of the episode commenting on how much we loved her. So yeah, there was some sadness. But what’s Doctor Who without a few tears?  There’s a long history of this show making me sob like a baby, I should have expected it to keep going even without the evil Moffat at the helm.

I was pretty amused by the monster, and well the thing (see, no spoilers) that it did that grossed me out pretty spectacularly. And I absolutely loved the bit with the “I am important” tape.  So I feel in the end, that there was more I liked than I disliked.  And that gives me hope for this series. I like the companions, and that gives me hope. Hope that by the time this series hits it’s stride, I’ll love Thirteen.


** both images courtesy of BBC




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