Death in the Chamber of Commerce in “Not the Killing Type”


Not the Killing TypeIn Not the Killing Type by Lorna Barrett, Tricia Miles attends the Stoneham Creek Chamber of Commerce meeting where she nominates her sister, Angelica, to become president. In running, Angelica is challenging her ex-lover, Bob Kelly, the local realtor and landlord to most of the businesses in Stoneham. But everyone is surprised when Stan Berry, the local sign maker, nominates himself. The meeting takes a break, and Tricia, unable to wait in the long line for the ladies’ room, goes to use the handicapped restroom. Upon opening the door, she finds Stan sitting on the toilet and stabbed through the heart.

Tricia gets involved in trying to solve the mystery as she goes about her life. She will be maid of honor in the wedding of her former shop assistant, Ginny. Then Tricia’s ex- husband, Christopher, comes to town, telling everyone that he used to be married to Tricia and has come to Stoneham to be near her, with the intention of a reconciliation. And Tricia’s new assistant, Pixie, a former prostitute on parole who loves classic mystery books, is bent on decorating Haven’t Got a Clue but has terrible taste.

Barrett writes fun books, and Not the Killing Type is another good example of an enjoyable one. The mystery takes us along many paths as Tricia investigates. The rivalry between Angelica and Bob heats up dramatically with the election coming up. But further, the book portrays life in Stoneham with its unique residents, adding to the flavor of the book. We come to feel that we know each of many characters personally and would recognize them if we ran into them on the street.

The audio edition is performed by Karen White. Usually I really enjoy White’s acting, but this book doesn’t showcase her skills as well as other books I’ve heard. Her voices for Tricia and Angelica don’t distinguish themselves from each other much, and at least once she merged the names of Tricia and Pixie to turn a name into Trixie. However, White still makes the audiobook enjoyable.

As with other books in this series, I really enjoyed Not the Killing Type. It gives a strong mystery set amid the many interesting people of Stoneham. I give this book five stars.

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook for free for review purposes, but that had no affect on the content of my review.

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