“The Queen of Hollywood Blvd” Has An Axe To Grindhouse


Dark Star Pictures brings you The Queen of Hollywood Blvd, a crime drama starring Rosemary Hochschild and Michael Parks in his last role. The movie was released in theaters October 12, and is available on demand on your favorite streaming service.

The film follows Rochschild (Supergirl, Desperately Seeking Susan,) as a strip club owner whose life is upended by a decades-old debt with the mob. It is a gritty tale, much like Tarantino classics such as Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. As Dark Star Pictures President Michael Repsch puts it, “Playing like a lovechild of John Waters and Quentin Tarantino, The Queen of Hollywood Blvd will resonate with audiences for years to come.”

“We are really excited to have found a home at Dark Star Pictures for The Queen of Hollywood Blvd”, says writer/director Orson Oblowitz. “Michael Repsch is a true lover of film, devoted to getting great cinema to the masses and we knew with our movie it needed a distributor that was going to nurture it, as well as help set it apart in a saturated market place, Dark Star is that company.”

The late Michael Parks (Kill Bill, Red State,) makes his final appearance in this film, and it also stars Ana Mulvoy Ten, and Roger Guenveur Smith. The Queen of Hollywood Blvd. Also features music by Jimmy Lee, Lee Williams & The Cymbals, The Lovettes and Arlando King & The Earthquakes.

What is made very clear from the start is this film is meant to be treated with exploitational zeal. True Grindhouse and Noir-toned tales will gobble this one up. Writer/Director Oblowitz follows in his father’s cult filmmaking footsteps. The son of Michael Oblowitz as well as Hochschild’s, Orson captures the sun-bleached banality of everyday life in Hollywood. On the other side of the coin, The Queen of Hollywood Blvd. also fetishizes the town, exploring the fact that it’s within the murky corners of darkness that Los Angeles hides its true technicolor life.

The dingy, deserted strip club that Queen Mary runs is an oasis in an otherwise abandoned landscape, the outside littered with broken signs and the same, beige tone to every building. But inside Mary’s, the girls are gorgeous and disinterested, the neon is strong, and the well-worn Queen Mary holds court in her mod-style chop and leopard print jacket. As depressing as the club is, it is still Mary’s crown jewel.

Every performance is giving in pop art excellence, from the grim queen herself to the threatening mob boss. Ana Mulvoy-Ten as Grace is the portrait of fresh LA innocence, with a face of a cherub and the tragic backstory of the wide-eyed farm girl getting eaten alive in the city of angels. Duke, played by Roger Guenveur Smith, seems to have stepped right out of a Key and Peele parody sketch. His mob boss is terrifying without a doubt, but his empty eyes and raspy breath are over-the-top and straight out of a graphic novel. The true standout is the late, great, Michael Parks. His junkie arms dealer Chet is heartbreaking, especially considering this was his last role. His searching eyes and unwavering loyalty to Mary is tragic and beautiful.

With a very strong old school justice bent and a clear Grindhouse and Tarantino noir vibe, The Queen of Hollywood Blvd. Is a stylized love letter to the grime of the town its boulevard is named after.

Please check out the trailer below:


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