President Evil Casts Orange Glow On Election Season


Tuesday was what feels like a life-changing moment in history, as across the country we voted and fought to have our voices heard. Two years ago in what still feels like a fever dream, our country began an all out battle to the bone after the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump became President of the United States. From there it’s been a long, hard journey into night for progressive thinking in America.

But it is then, when times seem at their darkest, that people begin to create. To work out their emotions, voice their opinions, make a rally cry. I’m not saying President Evil is out to change the world – I think it was a group of passionate people who are trying to just vent out their thoughts into the ether so they can sleep a little better at night without dreams of toupees and tiny hands haunting them. As light-hearted as this film might attempt to be, though, it is pretty ham-handed with the politics. But I am getting way too far ahead of myself here. Let’s tell you a bit about President Evil

President Evil is created by filmmaker Richard Lowly (Dominion, Jessica: A Ghost Story) and co-writer Gregory P. Wolk (Apocalypse Rising). It stars Sitara Attaie (The Fault In Our Stars) as Lana, Lys Perez (Orders) as Blanca and Amber Boone as Medjine. Ryan Quinn Adams and Jose Rosete (The Walking Dead: Red Machete) also star. The film is a parody of the 1978 John Carpenter classic Halloween, which is a franchise still going strong and is currently breaking box office records at the time of President Evil’s release, something that could not have been better well timed. With the latest Halloween coming out only a few weeks before midterms, Lowly and Wolk could smell a chance at humor and horror from miles away.

You can taste the commitment of every single person attached to this project from miles away, too. It is very clear that the people who worked on President Evil were committed to making fun of Trump, and getting their political point across. I am pretty militant these days when it comes to fighting for the progressive side of the United States myself. I am very liberal, and if I had been offered a job on this film I would have been there with brightly colored, red white and blue bells on. But there is a difference between subversive humor, and hitting the audience with a sledgehammer with TRUMP SUCKS scrawled across it. We know he sucks. You aren’t telling us anything new. But I don’t think the filmmakers care about that. This cast and crew hound a safe space to filter their anger and frustration with the state of America. To howl at a orange, bloated cheeto of a moon. As much as it is out to make you laugh, it was also clearly made to aide the filmmakers’ mental health. I get it.

As parodies go, this one excels on the visual. Carpenter, Hitchcock and Mel Brooks are the real meat and potatoes of the cameos and jokes throughout this movie. But there’s tons of horror movie nerd references to be had beyond that. For every They Live, Psycho and Young Frankenstein reference there is a Se7en, The Mummy’s Hand, The Omen or Suspiria. It makes things fun if the political rigmarole becomes too much for you. If you keep and eye out for Easter Eggs, it gives you a bit of a breather from the politics for a millisecond or two.

President Evil is available on Amazon as well as you favorite platforms. Depending on how you feel about the outcome of the 2018 midterms, it might be worth a dumb chuckle to take your mind off all the hard work we still have ahead of us.


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