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Joanna Albrecht

Moving on and Letting Go of a relationship can be hard. Late nights crying and overthinking, it can effect your physical health and your work because you just can’t focus on daily life or taking care of yourself. You might wonder if you will ever find your way back to your happy and strong self again.

Our next guest has gone through many relationships where she gave herself so fully and completely to the other person she lost her identity and self confidence. But little by little she found the tools to come back from despair into a place of self love and self worth. After one particularly heart shattering breakup she decided to compile all of the tools she’s learned over the years to go from feeling completely devastated to embodying a life of self love and self worth full of joy and strength.

Joanna Albrecht is an Intuitive Empath, Energy Healing Guide and Author of the book, Moving on and Letting Go: A Guide to Loving Yourself Again. She has spent the last 25 years traveling the world helping people to let go of the stressful energy and attachments that hold them back so they can find peace in their mind and body once more.

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Your book Moving On and Letting Go is a self- help book. What inspired you to write this book?

I have been through many relationships in which I fully and completely lost myself in the other person, and when the relationships ended I would have a hard time picking up the pieces and bringing myself back to a state of self love and self worth. Each time I did it, it would get a bit easier, but I would recognize the pattern and be upset that I had to go through this process again. After a particularly challenging breakup with a person I thought was my forever soul mate, I said, “That’s it! I am writing a book with all of the tools that I use to get back to myself so that if this ever happens again, I have a quick reference guide, reminding me what to do to get back to myself.” I figured that this guide would help me, but it would also be really helpful for others going through the same thing.

What is your basic premise of this book?

My book will take you through a step by step process, explaining about why we feel certain emotions and how to come back to a state of calm and peace. It also guides you to find the energy attachments and energy that keep pulling you back into unhealthy relationship patterns to release them for good. At the end of the process you will feel free of other people’s energy and fully and completely present in your body, feeling worthy of your beautiful self love.

You focus on issues of retraining the brain. What is the purpose of this, and how do you teach people to do so?

The vast majority of people these days have been trained to believe that feeling love has to come from outside of ourselves. We feel sad and lonely because we haven’t found that special someone yet. But what this does is set us up to believe that we can only be happy if something or someone outside of ourselves deems us worthy enough to give us love and we are at the mercy of the outside world if we are ever to feel love or acceptance. I have learned that the opposite is actually true. Unless you have a deep and complete love for yourself, you will never be satisfied with any amount of love that is being given to you from the outside world. Self love can only come from our ability to become friends with ourselves and to truly understand that our Body is Our SoulMate. It is the perfect mate for our soul. It’s the reason we get to be here this lifetime. Our body has to be our first love, and when we take care of it and embody it fully and completely, we reach a state of relaxed, centered groundedness. From this place of peace we can meet another person in a relationship and share from a place of wholeness and not of neediness. We are two people coming together to share our gifts with one another, not to fill in missing pieces, but to amplify the beauty and the strength that are already there.

In the end you realize that no one person can give you everything you need, only you can do that. But when you truly realize that you are whole and complete on your own and you don’t need another person to feel worthy of love, it activates a beacon in you that attracts a partner who will treat you with that same love and respect that you treat yourself with. I teach people how to come into that full and complete experience of self love.

What kind of research did you perform for this book, and how did you go about doing that research?

I started my journey when I was 16 and went through my very first breakup. It hit me really hard and I grieved for about a year. My mom raised me as a single parent and we couldn’t afford counseling, so I looked for books in the library that could help me. I started out with Wayne Dyer’s book Your Erroneous Zones and another book on Self Hypnosis, and I started teaching myself how to love my body. It was a slow journey that took many years, classes, workshops, teachers and many many relationships, but I finally figured out how to have a deep and complete love and friendship with myself. I am complete and happy with my own company, and the people who now come into my life meet me at that place and love me at that level.

According to your website, you are an “author, speaker, teacher, energy worker and intuitive empath.” I know what the first three are, but what is an energy worker or an intuitive empath?

When I work with people I can actually feel the energy in their body. I can feel where there is pain and specific emotions. I guide you into your energy body so that we can explore it together. We find the energy and stress that are in the body, and we gently and quickly release everything that is holding you back from loving yourself and moving forward in your life.

You have traveled all over the world, living in many countries, and have had heartbreak in many places. Where have you gone, and why have you lived in so many places? Any stories of heartbreak you care to share with us?

I’ve been to 15 different countries.

United States: I’ve lived in New York, Illinois, Florida, California, Arizona, Maine, and I took a 30,000 mile road trip across the country starting from California all the way to New York through the upper states and Canada and then back down through the bottom states to California.
Australia: I lived in Brisbane for 3 years.
Africa: Nairobi, Kenya; Egypt; Morogoro and Dar es Saalam, Tanzania; The Serengetti
Ireland: Galway mostly, but traveled around and visited Belfast too.
Scotland: Edinbourgh
England: London, Guildford
France Paris
Italy Rome
The Netherlands: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
Nepal: Katmandu and Kopan Monastery
Thailand: Pai and Chiang Mai
Canada: Thunder Bay
Mexico: Cancun, Chitzen Itza, Tulum
Belize: San Ignacio, Barton Creek, Belmopan, Belize City, San Pedro
Guatemala: Flores

I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and I decided I wanted to go and made it happen. Some of my journey was alone and some of it was shared with different partners.

Through it all, I realized that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what you are doing or who you are with; if you don’t have a strong positive attitude or love for yourself, you could be in the most beautiful place surrounded by daily miracles and you wouldn’t be able to receive the love that is all around you.

I remember being on a sidewalk in the middle of Cairo, Egypt and having my boyfriend at the time leave me in the middle of the street telling me to go explore the city by myself. After he stormed off I tried to hold it together, but I ended up starting to cry. Within moments there were many men coming out of nowhere asking me if I was ok. They were in a panic and wanted to know how they could help. One man opened up his wallet and told me to take the money that was in it. I smiled and said I was ok, that I had enough money. I asked another man why they cared about me, some stranger in the street, and he said, “You are a woman. You could be our daughter or our mother or our sister and that is important. We want to make sure you are ok. We take care of our women here.” My heart opened in that moment. Here I was in this foreign country surrounded by strangers, but I had never felt so safe and so loved. I had been looking for love to come from this man who was not giving me the love I was looking for, but because I was so narrow minded I did not see that the world was filled with people who wanted to love and take care of me.

If this kind of care was coming to me, I had to find a way to give myself this level of love and care as well. I slowly started to stop waiting for that boyfriend to show me love and I started giving it to myself. I would make love song play lists and sing them to myself while going on walks. I would tell myself all of the loving things I had wanted to hear from a loving partner. I would tell myself beautiful and loving things and eventually because I was filling myself with self love he started to transform and wanted to start giving me love that way I had deserved to be loved. But by that time it was too late and I ended up leaving that relationship. Once you find that level of self love you can’t go back to the people who treat you with anything less than the love you have been giving yourself.

Your focus is Divine Love. What is that, and why is this so valuable?

I had just gotten out of a really abusive relationship and was devastated that I was single again. I wasn’t quite sure what to do or how I was going to recover. I started meditating and learning about the I Am Presence, which is kind of like a translator of God energy. Some people experience it as their Guardian Angel or Jesus or a spiritual guide. I called it my Divine Lover. I would tune into it during meditations and send it the love I wanted to send to a lover and it would send it back down to me. I would sing it love songs and it would send me love back. I used this presence as a replacement for a boyfriend. This was a way that I could practice giving and receiving love in a safe way because this love was unconditional. The more love I would send to this presence the more love I would receive. I practiced every day and more and more I started to lift myself up and feel a sense of love and alignment again. I would say affirmations such as I am Divine Love. Divine Love flows to me and through me now. Everyday I became more fluid and more light. I remember someone stopping me in the street once asking me who I was. They said I was glowing…and I had felt that way. The love I had been looking for was radiating from me because I was focusing on loving myself 100%. From that place I could meet each person I came across with an overflowing abundance of love.

You talk about healing and clearing chakras. I might sound ignorant here, but though I have heard the term many times, I don’t really understand what chakras are. What are they, and how do you heal and clear them?

Chakras are these energetic centers in the body that help us to process certain emotions. We have front and rear chakras. The front ones help us to give our love and insights and gifts into the world. The rear aspects are how we receive love and abundance and clarity. If any of these energy centers are closed or blocked we could have trouble with those particular emotions. Let’s say that we give a lot of love, but are having trouble receiving it. That could mean that the front of our heart chakra is open, but the rear aspect of it is closed or blocked. I can help people to find the blocks in these areas so that they can opened and cleared so that a person not only can give love, but receive it as well. They won’t just be spending money, but be able to receive money also. It’s important to have a good balance of giving and receiving and this can be shifted with receiving a energy clearing.

You offer Abraham inquiry in your therapy practice. What is that?

There is a woman named Esther Hicks who is a translator for a consciousness called Abraham. She gives many talks about how to raise your consciousness and how your mind creates your reality. I have found this work really inspiring and uplifting and return to it many times when I need a reminder that I am the creator of my reality and I get to choose the path that I take in the world. In every moment you get to choose your thoughts and your actions. When you align with your highest vibration, things that would normally seem like a challenge become a fun adventure and you start realizing that life can be fun and amazing if only you decide it is.

What is next in your career? Do you have another book you plan to write?

I am in the process of creating a series of audio recordings to help you to learn about chakras as well as teaching about how to clear challenging emotions and attachments that are holding you back from living your dreams. I am also offering personal sessions with people to help them get a better understanding of the energy and emotions in their body and how to release limiting thoughts and patterns.

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Interview with an Author: Joanna Albrecht
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