Stay Out of the Forest: Mistress of Death 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide


Welcome to our annual guide to gifts for the strange and unusual people in your life. As always, we’ve included the link in the title to make your shopping just a bit easier. If you’re looking for recommendations to give your friends and family, or you’re one of said family members who is at a loss for what to get your unique relative this holiday season, here are some suggestions to help:


Fresh-Face Air Freshners

If your car or a small space tends to have the stink of death (and that’s not the ambiance you’re going for) the folks at Firebox are selling these little beauties this year. Have all the fun of a smell-good shrunken head without any of the messy clean up. These come in a pack of 3, complete with smells like bacon, clean linen, and new car smell. Just make sure to order in advance, as these can take 3-5 days to print before shipping.

Gingerbread Zombie

Your stocking may be hung by the chimney with care, but you’re hoping the zombies will not randomly appear. Pins and Needles Dolls on Etsy have got you covered if you want something adorable to set in your stocking, but with no fears of being eaten alive. Each comes wrapped in a ribbon with a little story card.

The Blood of My Enemies Ornament

Want to put the blood of your enemies on the tree this year, without too much messy cleanup? Etsy store ParanormalBathtivity has the answer in their red blood cell ornament. Cleverly, they’ve indicated that this particular blood cell belongs to your enemies. What’s not to love? Also a great present for the nurses in your life.

Edgar Allen Poe Tights

If you want to keep warm and keep great works of literature on your legs, Etsy store My Tights Shop has you covered. The tights are available in different colors, and if Poe isn’t your thing, there are plenty of authors to choose from.

Handmade Krampus Plush

Nothing says you’ve been naughty this year like a Krampus plush, handmade by Bats in the Belfry Craft. My initial response was a prolonged “awwwww” while every one around me gave me an odd look. As he is handmade and made to order (takes about 2-3 weeks), it’s a wise idea to order early.

Forensic Files and Chill Mug

There are times when making this list that I cackle out loud and get odd looks from everyone in my home, including the cats. Reading this mug was just such a time. If you have a favorite true crime show other than Forensic Files, Hey Day Dry Goods makes a cup that just says True Crime and Chill.  I’m in love, and at $17.50 this doesn’t break the bank while you’re drinking coffee and watching an episode about people actually robbing a bank.

Human Bone Jewelry from Osso Bella

If you’re looking for something extremely unique and you aren’t afraid of curses, Osso Bella makes a variety of jewelry from human finger and toe bones, as well as vertebrae. I didn’t see anything about how she comes across these items, but she does have a whole line of 3-D printed bones too for the squeamish.

Hell Bunny Knitted Christmas Sweater

Need a holiday sweater you can be comfortable in? Skulls and black keep your uniform in line, but also keep you warm. This is a great gift for someone who has to wear a sweater to the office holiday party but still wants to keep their look intact.

Literally Anything from Murderino Makers

Here’s the thing…. if you just finished this with a familiar tagline from the Podcast MyFavoriteMurder you’re probably one of us. Murderino Makers is a group of incredible individuals that create, sell their items, and then donate 15% of their profits to a different charity monthly. If you want to help groups like End the Backlog and RAINN but still get a little gift for a friend, this is a great group. Plus, everything is usually related to the My Favorite Murder Podcast or a weird obsession with serial killers.

The Mistress of Death would like to say thank you to all the readers and friends who made suggestions for this year’s list. You are a wonderfully warped group of individuals.



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