Death on a Golf Course in “A Hole in One”


A Hole in OneIn A Hole in One by Judy Penz Sheluk, Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland, partners in the Glass Dolphin Antique Shop, are helping to sponsor a charity shotgun golf tournament. As they prepare for the start, they hear the starter shotgun go off 25 minutes prematurely, only to be told that the real gun is locked up. Once the tournament begins, Arabella joins Emily and two male friends as a foursome despite her little experience with golf. As her ball goes into the woody area, Arabella searches for it, only to come across the body of a man shot in the chest. Though he looks familiar, she can’t place him. But then, her ex- husband, Levon Larroquette, the course marshal for the tournament, comes up and recognizes the face of his father, Mark Larroquette, who went out for a pack of cigarettes one night 24 years earlier, never to return.

The problem is that Levon claims not to have seen his father since that day 24 years ago, but Arabella saw the two arguing together in the park just a few days earlier. Then, Emily’s newest date, Luke, who was part of the golf foursome and earlier denied any recognition of the dead man, admits that a week earlier he rented a boat to the man under the name of Kevin Hollister Cartwright . This complicates things even further when Emily reveals that this name belongs to her ex- fiancé. So the two partners in the Glass Dolphin determine to get to the bottom of the case.

I highly appreciated listening to A Hole in One, which, though the sequel to The Glass Dolphin, does not require readers to have read the first book to enjoy. The mystery has many creative twists and turns, offering surprise after surprise without seeming unrealistic. I liked the way I tried to anticipate the next moves but discovered each time that I was wrong because the twists were even more intriguing than I had imagined.

Kelli Lindsay performs the audio edition of this book and helps to make it even more exciting. She uses believable voices, though sometimes they don’t stand out as entirely distinct from each other. Since the book has so much excitement in it, Lindsay makes a good decision not to over- emote, leaving the book to speak for itself. In doing so, Lindsay makes this book a highly enjoyable listening experience.

A Hole in One was a great book that I really loved getting to listen to. I liked The Glass Dolphin, and A Hole in One measured up to the first book. The creativity of the plot and fun characters made this book a great listen. I give it five stars!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free for review purposes, but that had no influence on the content of my review.

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