Titan Book’s ‘Firefly: Big Da** Hero’ Offers Canon Fiction for the ‘verse

Firefly fans sort of take what we can get when it comes to a continuation of a series that was cut entirely too short. Recent comics from BOOM! and some left over from the Darkhorse Publishing days were there to tide us over, but Titan Books has given us a book with the characters we love, in a universe that makes sense.
Firefly: Big Damn Hero is an original story by Nancy Holder, but written by the talented author James Lovegrove. Holder is no stranger to the universes of Joss Whedon and has written quite a few of the companion novels for his popular shows. This definitely shows in the pacing of this novel.
The Serenity crew is on the planet Persephone and stuck doing a job for the crime boss Badger, so of course key details of the cargo they will be carrying is less than straightforward. All the crew knows is that  the crates are highly explosive and even the slightest mistake could send Serenity sky high.  To complicate everything, Mal, Zoe, and Jayne are on a separate errand on Unification day among people who don’t much care for Browncoats.  Bad goes to worse when Mal disappears, Zoe is injured, and Jayne finds himself playing babysitter to an injured teenager.  Is something from Mal’s Browncoat past following him into a dangerous future?
Firefly: Big Damn Hero is one heck of a fun book. The pacing is perfect and makes the reader feel they are in a new episode of the show. It was a fast read and highly enjoyable.
Firefly: Big Damn Hero is now available from Titan Books.


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