‘No Man’s Land’ is the Female History Podcast We Need


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No Man’s Land is first and foremost a podcast about women who either didn’t make it into your textbooks or have been so poorly handled by history books that they need another look. Host Alexis Coe is the historian at The Wing, a work and community space designed specifically for women, and her focus is the hidden history of women. The podcast is made in cooperation with Pineapple Street Media.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the real history of Sylvia Plath without the chief focus being her unfortunate suicide, this is the podcast for you. If you want to know about Stephanie “Queenie” St. Claire, Ida B. Wells, or Ana Mendieta, or if you’ve never heard of these women this is the podcast for you. No Man’s Land doesn’t shy away from covering problematic subjects, including racism and sexism. It doesn’t try to cover up the rough history of women fighting to find their place in the world.  It handles women of color with respect, which is refreshing.

Be aware that this podcast will make you angry. This is not because of the host, or the subjects, but because of how prevalent the mistreatment and abuse women is. However, this podcast will also give you hope. The most recent issue episode, and final episode of the first season, is about Women’s social clubs. Did you know the first Women’s social clubs were created because Charles Dickens banned women from a dinner in his honor where very famous female writers had been invited? I didn’t either. 

With a handful of episodes out so far, No Man’s Land is a podcast you can run with from the beginning. You can listen to it wherever you download Podcasts. 

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