‘Bad With Money’ by Gabby Dunn is a Must Read to Combat Financial Woes


Podcaster Gaby Dunn is not perfect, and is the first person to own up to her financial woes. Her popular podcast, Bad With Money, is part self exploration and part great advice. Her book of the same name takes it a step further.

Bad With Money, unlike many books on the subject of finance, is easily accessible. It doesn’t make the reader feel bad about finances, but instead offers advice like a friend and makes you think. Dunn’s initial podcast asked people two questions: What is your favorite sex position and what is the amount in your bank account?  Not surprisingly, many people answered the first and were too embarrassed to answer the second.

An entire generation is coming to terms with the fact that there might not be a safety net when we’re older or an illness could wipe away all we have and leave us with nothing. Many of us have lived through stock market crashes that wiped away our parents’ savings in a couple of days. Student loans are more expensive than ever. Dunn does an amazing job of getting readers to move past the difficult emotion and actually discuss what can be done to try to turn it around.

Gaby Dunn’s Bad With Money is a fantastic book and enjoyable to read. It is also full of really important information to try and help our generation turn it around with finances.

Bad With Money is now available from Atria Books.


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