Dark Horse to Release ‘Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers’ This July


25 years ago, Hellboy started its journey to become a comicbook staple. Creator Mike Mignolia introduced readers to the Right Hand of Doom, BRPD, and Hellboy himself. Dark Horse is celebrating by releasing Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers. This hardcover collection will feature more than 150 full-page cover pieces from artists like Mike Mignolia, Richard Corben, Duncan Fegredo and includes introductions by colorist Dave Stewart and the foreward is by Mignolia himself.

The following covers are included:

  • All Hellboy issue covers from Seed of Destruction #1 to Hellboy in Hell #10;
  • Hellboy: House of the Living Dead;
  • Hellboy: Midnight Circus;
  • Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea;
  • Hellboy in Mexico;
  • Hellboy: Krampusnacht;
  • Hellboy Winter Special ;
  • B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #15;
  • And covers of upcoming and unannounced titles, including new covers by Mignola, Fegredo and Paolo Rivera.

Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers comes to stores July 3, 2019. 


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