Demon Huggers and Alien Girlfriends: Anomal


cover48661-smallAnomal is a collection of weird Manga stories about spirits, ghosts, and the bizarre. From murder mysteries to the story of a man who can only get ideas when punched in the head by their pseudo-alien girlfriend, Nukuharu’s Anomal is a great example of Manga for the American audience who likes the adorably weird.

Compiled by Gen Manga Entertainment, the book is a collection of stories rather than one continuous plotline. This is great for readers like myself who have short attention spans and makes the comic easy to pick back up again after being distracted by a shiny object. As with most Manga, the eyes are drawn wide and the facial expressions are over the top. The book reads from right to left in traditional Japanese fashion as well.

One of the cutest stories included is about Nene, a girl who desperately wants to hug all the demons and spirits she comes into contact with. She trains with Abe, a boy with a demon inside him, so that she can become a controller of spirits and hug all the creatures she wants.  The reader can’t help but find her adorably weird.

Anomal is a solid collection of bizarre anime and would be a great place for beginners with Manga to pick up and enjoy.

Anomal is available July 29, 2014.


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