Now You Too Can Drink Star Wars Flavored Coffee! UPDATED (again)


Star wars spiced latteIn a move of inspired goofiness, Nestle and Lucasfilm are celebrating Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Star Wars Coffee-Mate. People have been taking pictures of odd bottles here and there and posting them online for a few days now, but we can supply you with the list of flavors:

Darth Vader — Esspresso Chocolate (“Come to the Dark Side, we have chocolate!”)

C3PO — Hazelnut

Chewbacca –Spiced Latte

R2D2  — French Vanilla

Boba Fett — Italian Sweet Cream

I can see the choice for Darth Vadar, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the pairing of Boba Fett and Italian Sweet Cream.

Darth Vadar Star wars Espresso ChocolateWhat about you? Do you think the flavors and characters match? Would you pair them differently?

Or are you just going to sit down in your Star Wars pajamas, wrapped in your Star Wars Jedi Master Bathrobe while you sip your Star Wars Coffee (with Star Wars Coffee-mate) from a Fancyus Star Wars Lightsaber Mug and watch your Star Wars DVDs for the umpteenth time?

Update: According to Nestle, the Star Wars coffee creamers “started shipping nationwide to major retailers like Walmart, Target, Kroger and Publix.” This means you might find them in one of these stores–unless, of course, someone beat you to it.

Update Two: Sept 3-I finally saw C3PO in Target. As I suspected might be the case, the Star Wars containers are being mixed in with the regular bottles, so anyone looking for one needs to know which flavor(s) they’re after and be willing to go through the shelf looking.

Update Three: You could eat Star Wars food all day, if you so chose.



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