Here Comes the BoomBox!


After spending my fourth weekend in a row in Southern California, I returned to my cozy Bay Area apartment and discovered that Espionage Cosmetic’s second BoomBox subscription box had been delivered!

It’s hard to miss that brilliant purple box! I was very intrigued by this month’s offerings since Espionage Cosmetics revealed that this month’s theme would be “Most Ardently.” Their previous box had a cool dragon theme but I was some what underwhelmed with what came in the box. I had been one of the beta testers  over the summer for their subscription box and the boxes were jam packed with goodies. You can check out my review of the beta box here. I was pleasantly surprised to feel how heavy this month’s box was though! The box had a collection of Espionage debuts, exclusives from geeky crafters and an artist collaboration.

 First up in the debuts are one of Espionage Cosmetic’s signature items, Nailed It! Nail wraps. This month’s boxes came with either “Gothique Lace,” an intricate skull design on clear wraps or “Most Ardently” a nod to Jane Austen. I’m actually pretty excited about my skulls and lace. There was also a mystery wrap package with another wrap. These wraps are super easy to put on and can last up to two weeks depending on how tough you are. I’m pretty brutal so mine only last a week or so.

Next up, two more of Espionage’s signature debut items a “Sensibility” Cosmic Glitter, and a “Tea and Crumpets” Everything Shadow. Sensibility is a fun coral glitter that will be fun for the spring. Tea and Crumpets is a gorgeous beige shadow that is very versatile. The box even came with a style guide showing how to apply the two together.

There was no shortage of exclusives for this box.

 Geeky Hostess recently launched a new line of geek inspired tea blends. She released three Jane Austin inspired blends for subscribers. I got “Raise the Dead,” but other subscribers could have gotten “Mrs. Bennet’s Nurve Tonic” or “Darcy’s Delight.” You can check out more tea flavors at

Attic Journals contributed little note pads. The outer covers are recycled bridge cards from and Austen inspired deck.

Optimystical Studios created these adorable little pendants. Inside the jar there’s moss and pebbles to represent the hills surrounding the rectory at Steventon, Hampshire. As many Austen fans know, that’s where she wrote some of her most beloved work. There is also a page of text with a passage from Pride and Prejudice along with a fountain pen charm.

Kiru created the button that show cases one of my personal favorite Austen quotes, “Find your own happiness.” Sam Skyler created the amazing “Bride of Death” art work using Espionage’s Everything Shadows. Skyler also designed the “Tea Cups and Zombies bookmark.

 The last item was a copy of the book Pride & Prejudice and Zombies from Quirk Books. This is pretty exciting because I have no idea where my copy of this fantastic book has run off to. It’s also perfect timing since the movie based on the book is being released. It’s a great way to round out a Jane Austen inspired box.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with this box. The items included in this round were well worth the value of the box.

Want your own BoomBox?! Espionage Cosmetics sends these bad boys out every two months so don’t miss out on the April box. Get your BoomBox here.


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