Ellen Klages’ ‘Wicked Wonders’ is an Absolute Delight for Readers


Ellen Klages’ Wicked Wonders is one of those short story collections that is deeply poetic and carries you like a song through the night when you’re supposed to be sound asleep. This collection of short stories features everything from a girl destined to be on one of the first missions into space where return is not an option, a story of a young woman who can create magic through maps and rescue those who cannot help themselves halfway across the world, and even the secret imagined history behind margarine.

My favorite story features a young woman seeing Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for the first time and falling desperately in love with the character of Maleficent. Rather than being delighted by all the dolls of the princess or prince, she finds herself wanting a puppet of the witch and begins to find that it carries her through challenging times.

As I’ve stated before, Klages’ work has a poetic quality to it that appears almost lyrical. Passages become much more fun to read aloud than quietly to one’s self. The best part is each story is relatively short so it’s hard to fall back in to the age old excuse of not having enough time to read. Wicked Wonders is a collection that the reader finds themselves not wanting to put down, but also not wanting to finish out of fear that they will have to leave the magical world they’ve found behind when the close the cover.

Wicked Wonders is available from Tachyon Press May 23, 2017.


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