Unboxed: Alter-Ego the June 2017 Loot Wear


Alter-Ego the June 2017 Loot Wear just landed on my doorstep, bulging with of Spider-man goodness and, oh yes, some things from other franchises as well.

The first item I pulled out was the Spider-Man beach towel cinch bag, a large white towel with the Daily Bugle headline on the top and Spider-man pictures on the top and bottom. It’s a lot of fun and very practical. Note: According to the booklet, this is the “loot for her” piece in the envelope. While I have no quarrel at all with the item–as I think I’ve made clear, I love it, I’m not really sure what makes it “for her.” Do men not use beach towels?

Then there is a  Spider-Man baseball T-shirt. It’s fun, and I love the School of Science and Technology logo on the front. The downside of this shirt is that it is very square, making it the sort of T-shirt I’ll only ever wear around the house when I don’t expect anyone to come.

Alter-Ego the June 2017 Loot Wear Spider-Man Basebaoll Shirt

The logo makes the shirt

The Spider-man socks are better. They’re a long black pair with Spider-Man’s face on them. They’re Men’s 6-12 which, sadly, makes them just a little too big for me, but I have been known to wear big socks in the service of geekdom before.

Spider-Man Socks

The second pair of socks is a super-colorful Jay & Silent Bob montage. No one but no one will fail to notice someone wearing these.

Jay & Silent Bob Underwear and socks

My goal in life has always been to own matching underwear and socks

The underwear matches, full of electric purple, bright green, and eye-popping red, with assorted characters posed against the backgrounds. It’s almost a pity that the non-superhero types have to wear this as underwear because it is both eye-catching and sock-matching.

Then there is a dark blue Transformer’s shirt. I love artist Marc D’alfonso’s design here, with the contrasting halves forming a recognizable Transformer while also showing the faces from the first generation Optimus Prime and Megatron. Unlike the Spider-Man T-shirt, it is longer than it is wide, making it wearable around town. And I will say, I have had some good comments and conversations because of wearing Loot Crate shirts.

Transformers T-Shirt with art by Marc D'alfonso

Overall, this more than delivers on the promised Spider-Man content with good quality items in he “everyone else” category. It’s definitely up there on the Loot Wear list of good things.

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Alter-Ego the June 2017 Loot Wear
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