Enter the World of Art Crimes in “Death in D Minor”


Death in D MinorIn Death in D Minor by Alexia Gordon, Dr. Gethsemane Brown is enjoying her well-deserved break over Christmas when she gets involved in a major art fraud case. Getting news that Jackson, her brother-in-law, is coming to visit her in the small Irish town where she teaches music, Gethsemane hurries to get ready to host him. As a museum curator who serves as a significant expert on textiles, Jackson has arrived for an upcoming auction where a priceless embroidered sampler from the 18th century is up for bid. At the auction, the sampler goes missing and gets found in Jackson’s jacket pocket. Trying to help Jackson against charges of theft, Gethsemane, a great musician, goes undercover as a pianist at a party held by Olivia, the owner of the sampler, and searches Olivia’s office. But then she looks out the window and spots the body of Olivia as having been thrown out the window. And now Gethsemane is a suspect. Plus, Olivia’s will has gone missing as well.

This book is interesting, with a creative plot. However, there are so many characters that I couldn’t keep them all straight. That made the book confusing. Further, the plot got pretty convoluted and hard to follow at times. I also missed the character of the ghost of Eamon, who made the previous book so delightful. The ghost of an 18th century sea captain makes a few appearances, but he does not have the same flavor as Eamon.

I really appreciated the performance of Helen Duff, who makes this audiobook much more enjoyable than I think it would be to read it. She does terrific accents so that even Gethsemane can be understood as a Southern African American woman, long before it becomes clear from the context.

I strongly loved Murder in G Major, the book that comes before Death in D Minor. But this book does not live up to the standard set by the prior book. I found it disappointing but still enjoyed this book. I give it four stars.

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