Taiyou Con 2018 Review


Taiyou Con is steadily becoming one of my favorite small, anime conventions in Arizona. I always want to start the year off with a decent convention and this year I had THREE options:

  • Taiyou Con
  • ACE Comicon
  • Anime Los Angeles

Since I will be doing a considerable amount of traveling this year ALA took a back burner to ACE and Taiyou. After applying to both events, it was Taiyou who proved the better customer service rep (ACE…you really need to improve your communication with interested parties). So I collected my photography equipment, submitted panels, gathered my cosplay crew and took off to Taiyou 2018!

Day One

Taiyou started promptly at 12 PM on Friday, January 5th. When I arrived with Amber Brite there were already a number of attendees roaming the Mesa Convention Center grounds. We had a panel at 1:30 PM so we collected our badges and hustled over to the Hotel Programming area. The Hotel Programming venue is a hexagonal building that runs in a circle so it’s pretty difficult to get lost however; it can be tough for some attendees to find the entrance as signage for this event was sparse. We made it to our room, setup our presentation and discussed the messages behind the manga and anime of CLAMP.

With presentation #1 down (we had a second scheduled for 4:30 that would cover Retro Anime), we metup with Kincart Photography who would be assisting Fangirl Nation with photography over the weekend. She captured a couple candid shots of me (Sam) filming Amber Brite for our convention video AND of my character looking rather worried about Amber’s gun…

We wrapped up day one with the Retro Anime panel (which was a hit) and a small meal from the Hotel’s restaurant (which was amazing).

Day Two

The second day at Taiyou con was scheduled to the brim with photo shoots, video ops, panels and events! Here is a break down of what we did…

  • 10 AM – Met with Cole Bekah Photography for a fun shoot of Cinder Fall.
  • 12 PM – Met up with Stevie Spade Cosplay and explored the convention’s exhibitor hall.
  • 2:30 PM – Presented a panel on Cosplay Techniques from Basics to Intermediate.
  • 5 PM – Met up with Orange Slice Media for ANOTHER Cinder Fall shoot.
  • 7 PM – Visited the Masquerade and captured a couple images of its competitors.
  • 9 PM- Wrapped up the day with some Paletas.

Here are a few images from our Day Two adventures…

Day Three

The final day of Taiyou was dedicated to video and photography for me (Sam). I filmed the vendor hall, the Hotel gathering areas and even captured some photos of really incredible cosplays. The panels, food, vendors, attendees, staff and programming at this event made time fly. When 2 PM hit on Sunday I was so surprise that the event was almost over. It was a bit disheartening to realize my time with fellow anime enthusiasts was coming to an end. To help you all understand the pleasure of this event here is our convention video from Taiyou Con 2018!

Our Taiyou Con Gallery can be found here: Taiyou Con FGN Gallery

We hope to see you all at Taiyou Con 2019! Fan Girl On!


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