‘Bouncy Smash’ Game Launches Today on iOS and Apple TV


If you like fast-paced phone games, keep an eye out for a game that was released today called Bouncy Smash. Available now in Apple’s App store,  the game is free but with in app purchases. The game involves arcade-style play, challenging levels, and options to upgrade your characters in outfits and color skins.

Here’s the synopsis:

It’s 2019. The Tyller Corporation has developed synthetic beings they call “duplicants,” which eventually (and predictably) revolt. Special squads known as “smashers” – which includes you, a smasher named Arlo – are ordered to eliminate all duplicants at all costs….

To succeed in Bouncy Smash, you must come to grips with the perfect bounce: split-second timing and pinpoint-accurate downward movement that crush wave after wave of evil bounce-lings. For best results, augment your attack effectiveness with four powerful smashing abilities … and take them all out in one blow! If you finish a wave, you earn the option to choose a valuable perk – such as a 20% higher bounce bonus. Are you prepared to face a veritable army of fearless duplicants?

You can get your copy of the game here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bouncy-smash/id1052650381?mt=8


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