‘Chasing American Monsters’ Is Your Cryptozoology Handbook for the USA


Every state in the USA has some sort of infamous monster or creepy creature we whisper around when trying to frighten each other. In the new book by Jason Offutt, Chasing American Monsters, readers get a guidebook to the weirdness in their state. Every want to know about the Donkey Lady in Texas? What about the Pope Lick monster in Kentucky?  With this guidebook all you need is some courage and a willingness to explore.

Be advised that most states have some sort of mention about Bigfoot, as he’s one of the most prolific creatures in American lore. Offutt’s writing is conversational and fun. The only thing I would have loved to see was more drawings to match all the entries.

Chasing American Monsters is available March 8, 2019 from Llewellyn Publishers.


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