Jeff Mariotte’s ‘Empty Rooms’ Gives Thriller Lovers the Chills


Police officer Frank Robey is a former FBI agent is haunted by a killer who targeted a  young girl. Unwilling to leave the city where her body was discovered he quit his job and joined the Detroit police to try and find answers for the cold case. Richie Krebbs is an ex-cop who loathes red-tape and is like a walking Wikipedia article for true crime. When Richie discovers a clue about Robey’s cold case at an abandoned home, the two team up to try to find a killer before he snatches another child from Detroit.

Jeff Mariotte is a beloved writer of mostly tie-in novels. His own fiction is strong, as he’s an award-winning author who knows his audience; Empty Rooms is no exception. Narrator Tom Taverna narrates the audiobook version of this dark thriller and keeps the pace of Mariotte’s twisting narrative.  Taverna’s voice is dark and gravely, giving it the feel of a hard-boiled detective novel or a film noir. Keep in mind, the plot is dark. The spark for this case is the murder of a child and the book does often turn to the killer’s mind and his really twisted image of young girls. Robey and Krebbs feel like familiar detectives, serious and doing whatever it takes to solve the case. I found myself shuddering whenever the killer took over the story and found myself just wanting to get back to the detectives.

Empty Rooms is now available.



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