Criminal Minds Season 14 DVD Review


It’s fitting that I, the prince who wrote the swan song for Criminal Minds, got to review season 14 of one of TV’s longest crime shows. Season 14 is a turning point as it marks the first full season since the series had some of the core cast let’s say shuffled around. Season 14 marks plenty of highs and lows. Detective Not Shemar Moore is doing his best and Aisha Tyler is doing her best. I will say I do miss Hotch and Morgan but hey, everyone is doing their best. This season also starts to put an end to the series making things miserable and awful for Reid which is much appreciated as a Spencer Reid Stan. The DVD is full of special features that are so fun and actor interviews and behind the scenes footage makes all of this worth it. Season 14 ends on a major bombshell that I will not spoil but if you ask me nicely, I will tell you. Season 15 wraps up this entire adventure of hunting for unsubs and I admit, despite some bumps in the road along the way, I am looking forward to the thrilling conclusion. 

Season 14 of Criminal Minds is available now on DVD. 


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