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It’s Sam, your Cosplay Savant here and it’s time for a NEW set of Cosplay Features! With COVID 19 getting people down we wanted to share some INCREDIBLY CREATIVE folks who YOU can follow online without leaving your home! First up: Air Bubbles Cosplay!

  • First Cosplay: Codex from The Guild
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Gender: Female

Welcome Air Bubbles Cosplay! Let’s kick this off with my favorite question: What was the FIRST convention you attended?

My first convention was probably Sakuracon. I can’t remember quite when because it was before I really cared much about conventions or cosplay. I attended with my mom because my sister had a booth (she’s an artist). The first convention I ever attended for myself was probably PAX West (PAX Prime back in the day) in 2008. I went for one day, mostly to stare at everything Halo related.

Halo…I remember being smitten by that game when I was younger. So, are you a part of any cosplay organizations?

Currently, I am not part of any organizations. I am apart of a lot of groups that I love dearly such as Seattle Online Broadcasters Association and She-Prop but no organizations yet!

I ADORE She-Prop! Do you have any pop culture genres that inspire your cosplay style?

I like to keep myself pretty open to any and all cosplay genres. I really like to create costumes that speak to me or be characters that I feel a close connection with. Even though I keep myself open I do have my favorites! I have cosplayed quite a bit from Magic the Gathering (the card game) and my first armor build and second cosplay ever was Chandra, Pyromaster. A fiery hot red head with some attitude. I also cosplay from the video game Destiny. I cosplay very frequently as Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef. That particular cosplay turned 4 this year! Lastly, I am a huge fan of the show Critical Role. I’ve been a fan since the first campaign and continue to follow it to this day. While I don’t have many cosplays from it, I always keep my eyes peeled for some fan drawn art to create based on my favorite characters!

I am seeing a gaming trend here; you’re a cosplayer after my own heart! What motivates you to create cosplay?

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be an actor of some sorts, I ended up moving away from that in college when I discovered costume design, but my heart still really enjoys becoming a character and being on a stage. My entire life goal of what I wanna be when I grow up is a professional content creator (which I have been able to dip my toes into!), so my motivations are pretty much, learning new things, bringing characters I love and others love to life, teaching what I’ve learned to other people and that… awe factor. I shove lights and smoke into anything I can because I love the look of awe and shock on people’s faces, especially kids. Warms my heart!

Special Effects in costumes often add that extra “zing” that pushes the creation to the next level. Do you have any particular expectations of yourself or others in cosplay?

I find putting expectations on others is something I don’t do too often. I have a lot of expectations of myself though because I can control that. For others I at least expect people to be kind, respectful and helpful. I’ve encountered a few cosplayers in my day who took losing a contest very poorly and talked badly about the winners, or who were just overall rude to everyone other than their friends or famous people and lastly I’ve seen people gate keep tips and tricks. I find the cosplay community grows positively when people share things they’ve discovered that have helped them! This is why I teach panels, I love to share those little tips and tricks I wish I had known when I first started. As far as expectations for myself, I have a few over different scenarios. I compete a lot because I love the stage and I love to meet new people. Not necessarily an expectation but I try to make at least one friend every time I’m backstage. I’ve made so many amazingly talented people that way and I love it! I also expect to be kind, respectful and helpful as best I can. I really lean into that helpful and kind part because as a streamer I want to be a super chill and fun place to hang out where you could learn a thing or two!

I like your chill, it’s absolutely needed in this community. Speaking of the cosplay community: who do you admire in it?

I admire a lot of people in the community. Partially for their drive and talent but also their heart. I really admire my friend Hannah (Miss Tyo) a lot. She is an abundance of knowledge and loves to share it. She’s taught me so many things as a seamstress and it’s really helped keep my head on straight! And she’s honestly just the nicest person ever. If you ever see her a con, maybe say hi and see if she has any neat tips or tricks to share! Every costume she makes has a little nugget in it. I would also have to say my friend Kat (Valkryie Studios). We had a rough patch (we’ve known each other awhile), which I won’t get into but through that we both grew as people and as creators. She can build anything she puts her mind to and isn’t afraid of trying new things. She has admitted she is not particularly good at sewing but picked a character that had an embroidered jacket. She created a pattern and taught herself how to embroider all the detail on. She has a keen eye for detail and sets out to really capture the detail of everything she makes and it just blows me away every time. We just attended C2E2 together mostly to meet a bunch of Critical Role fans like us and the amount of love and joy her costumes and props have brought that community just seriously warmed my heart. I aspire to bring that to the communities I am a part of too. I will also add Kamui Cosplay and Kinpatsu Cosplay. Their patterns and tutorials have helped me SO SO much. I am terrible at shapes sometimes and their patterns have helped me get unstuck on certain costumes. I hope I can give back a fraction of what they have to the community someday.

Alright…the time has come: What is YOUR favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay?! Oh geez, I think I have a tie… Chandra has been one I’ve made… 3 times I think? She is my favorite character and I’ve worn her A LOT. She even helped me get some work with Wizards of the Coast last year where I attended San Diego Comicon as Chandra and then created a custom Chandra cosplay for the famous shogi player, Manoa Kagawa in Japan. Yes… I did get to go to Japan and hand deliver the cosplay, it was the most amazing time of my life and was one week before my wedding! And the other tie goes to Mara Sov from Destiny. Mara Sov was a cosplay that I won my first award in (ECCC 2015, 3rd in Tailoring) and I’ve also made a few different versions of her. I feel like a queen in that cosplay and the Destiny cosplay community is just so kind and fun to be around! I just love wearing her and being able to be a part of that community.

Woah…that is amazing. Well…since we’re on the favorites train, do you have a favorite cosmaterial?

Favorite cosplay material is, hands down, Worbla. Worbla every day any day, I love it so much. I also have some schooling background in sewing so fabric is nice.. sometimes. Also.. LED’s. I love putting lights in everything!

I can’t disagree with you on Worbla…their thermoplastic series are very adaptable. Let’s get to wrapping this up as I could talk with you all day and I am sure you have lots of creative things to focus on. So, for our last question, what advice do you have for cosplayers out there?

The advice I have is similar to expectations. Be kind, be respectful and helpful. Helpful could be just a safety pin that someone needed because their skirt tore or a hot glue gun or an amazing tutorial. It can come in all levels! I also want to tell you, don’t be afraid. Some people have been doing this a long time, some people haven’t and some people learn and grow faster than others. Go at your own pace and create what YOU love. If you make something you think is popular and you hope it makes you popular, I guarantee it will not look as good as something you’ve poured your heart into and you will feel much better wearing something you love. Yes, I have made something I thought was popular and I hated every second I wore the costume and it looked awful. Also if you want to compete but you’re scared… that’s ok! Just do it! You’ll meet amazing people in the process and you’ll have a great time!


Photographer Credits:
UN4A0151EE – Alexadra Lee Studios – Mara Sov from Destiny
ChandraClose – Soul Studios – Chandra from Magic the Gathering
Beaufull – Soul Studios – Beau from Critical Role
WarlockFire – Soul Studios – My own warlock from Destiny 2
kagawasan – idobataer – Custom Chandra I created
NewMara – The Portrait Dude – Mara Sov, dreaming city version from Destiny 2
Scanlanjourney – Journeys in Color – Scanlan from Critical Role
DSC00753 – Eurobeat Kasumi – Una, the Skyhunter from Warmachine
taako – KP11 Photography – Taako from The Adventure Zone


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