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Welcome back to our cosplay feature and it’s JUST IN TIME for FEATURE FRIDAY! Woohoo! This week we interviewed a talented cosplayer who WON BEST IN SHOW at San Diego Comic-con and continues to inspire others with her creativity, skill, kindness and beauty. Please welcome Ambrose Cosplay!

  • Cosplay Name: Ambrose Cosplay
  • Cosplay Start: 2011
  • Location: Arizona

Hello Ambrose Cosplay! First and foremost: What INSPIRED you to start cosplaying?

When I first started learning how to hand sew hats, I saw that a few of the people I followed who posted hat tutorials also made their own costumes. I just thought, wow how cool is that? I want to do that too! So I bought a cheap sewing machine and dove right in!

That’s a fun way to start! You’re the first person I’ve heard get into cosplay through hats. When and where did you first start to cosplay?

My first cosplay was Tinkerbell’s autumn outfit from the movie “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.” I wore it to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party back when I was a cast member at the parks. I had made the entire costume myself, partially sewn, mostly hot glued. It gives me a good chuckle every time I see it now.

I ADORE the Tinkerbell movies. I watch them over and over again…and I don’t have kids. They are just beautifully animated. So…What was your first cosplay purchase and/or build?

My first major cosplay purchase was a pair of Tinkerbell Wings from “Fancy Fairy Wings & Things.” They’re absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny.

I haven’t built any huge armored cosplays myself yet, but I’d like to! My first major sewing project that was a huge challenge was Cinderella’s gown from the 2015 live action movie. It was my first ball gown and I learned a lot from making it.

THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS! Your work is incredible! I am assuming you like conventions, yes? What convention is your favorite to attend in cosplay?

So far Wondercon and Tucson Comic Con are my favorite conventions to attend in cosplay. I’d love to try out some new conventions around the country, as I’ve mostly stuck to the west coast.

I REALLY need to get to Wondercon one day. So…I know what you’re going to say for this next question but I have to ask it anyways. Do you compete in cosplay?

I do compete on occasion! I’ve placed in Phoenix Fan Fusion’s Masquerade three times and Wondercon’s Masquerade twice. I’m most proud of placing third in the needlework category at ECCC’s Western Championships of Cosplay in 2019 and earning “Best in Show” at San Diego Comic Con in 2018.

CONGRATULATIONS on ALL of those accomplishments! It seems like you have quite an array of skills. What cosplay tools/materials do you enjoy using?

I love fabrics and trims and all things sewing, so I tend to gravitate towards costumes that require a lot of needlework. If I had to recommend a couple specific tools that I find indispensable, I’d say: a hand steamer, a sewing machine, a serger, an iron, and a heat gun.

Heat gun life…4 life. Goofiness aside, What is/are your favorite cosplay(s)?

My favorite cosplays at the moment are Wonder Woman, Rey, and Sarah from “Labyrinth.” I always feel incredibly powerful and confident anytime I wear Wonder Woman, and the Star Wars photoshoot I did in the Yuma Sand Dunes with Bros n Cons and a few friends as Rey was my favorite photoshoot that I’ve ever been a part of, it was just such a cool experience! Sarah’s ball gown was a dream of mine to make since I was a little kid, and I built the entire thing from the undergarments up. I think I’ll always think of Sarah very fondly for those reasons.

Well you have been a wonderful person to chat with. Before we wrap up, What would you like to tell other cosplayers out there?

If you’ve ever thought about wanting to cosplay, do it! It’s wonderful fun. This hobby has introduced me to so many talented people that I am honored to call friends, and I learn new skills from them all the time.

To discover more of Ambrose Cosplay’s lovely work, please visit…

  • Twitter: @ambrose_cosplay
  • Tik Tok: ambrose_cosplay

Photographer Credits:
Hades 1: ThermoCosplay
Katara 1: Bros N Cons
Mary Poppins 1: Kincart Photography
Rapunzel 1: Kincart Photography
Rey 1: Bros N Cons
Rey 2: Bros N Cons
Sarah 1: Bros N Cons
Scrooge 2: Bros N Cons
Wonder Woman 1: Bros N Cons
Wonder Woman 2: Kincart Photography


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